Shiona Watson’s ceramics are about the magical draw and pull of the sea and the tide.

Her beautiful handmade bespoke pieces celebrate this powerful theme in vibrant form.

The sea and its environs are home to a vast array of marine life.

The sea will not be tamed. It demands nothing but respect. The fauna and flora understand this.

Shiona’s ceramic interpretations bring the joy of the coast, and the beauty of its wildlife to you.


The pieces also explore how we engage with the coast. Whether this is through work or play.

Shiona’ s designs are a genuine and very intimate testimony to a life spent close to the surf and spray. In the past she made her home close to the windswept Loop Head Peninsula on the West coast of Ireland. The Atlantic Way, a place of outstanding natural beauty can also be a terrible beauty. A place where the untamed and furious waves smash in wild and free from the open Atlantic.

Shiona now lives on the south coast of England where the fishing industry still keeps alive the traditions of their great grandfathers alongside the shrieks of gulls overhead.

Each area has its own beauty and wildness which is reflected in the uniqueness of each piece.